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Microsoft Teams on iPad - Teacher Guide

This guide is designed to help teachers create powerful learning experiences for students by combining the countless tools iPad offers, with Teams and the Microsoft ecosystem.


Microsoft Teams on iPad - Family Guide

This guide is designed to help students, parents and guardians understand how to use Microsoft Teams on an iPad.


Digital Technologies Project Folio

This Digital Technologies resource was created to support a design process aligned to the Australian Curriculum.


Pages: A creative Springboard Workshop resources

This Pages Learning Journal was created to support workshop participants to design and build Digital Scaffolds for their students.


How to Create a Memoji Video

This link will take you to a YouTube video we created to support teachers creating Memoji video instructions.


Video: Checking for understanding

This video was created for a client to provide assistance to teachers on how the use of iPad could be leveraged to check for understanding.


Video: Differentiation

This video was created for a client to support teachers to understand the potential for iPad to be used to differentiate the learning experience.


Video: Communication and collaboration

This video was created for a client wishing to provide support as part of a coaching program to support teachers to leverage the power of iPad to support students to communicate and collaborate.


Video: Curiosity

This video was created to support teachers to leverage iPad to inspire curiosity in their learners.

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